Excavating - Ferg's Power Digging

Excavating - Ferg's Power Digging

Excavating Contractors do a lot more than just pushing dirt around. Excavating includes; site preparation, grading, trenching, tunneling, and much more. It is the process of moving, earth, rock, and other materials with, tools, heavy equipment and/or explosives.



Ferg's Power Digging in Maple Ridge, BC can transport various types of materials. We have state-of-the-art trucks to haul whatever you need hauled.

Sewer Contractors

Sewer Contractors

If your experiencing, sluggish draining and/or flushing, unpleasant odors, surprisingly lush, green lawn over your drain field, or sewage back up, you may need your system inspected. We can Install, Inspect, Pump, Maintain, and Repair Septic Tanks. If you need a sewer installed, we do that too at Ferg's Power Digging in Maple Ridge, BC.


Local Excavators you can trust in Maple Ridge, BC – We'll make your projects come to life!

If you require professional Excavation Services, look no further. Ferg’s Power Digging has been helping our local community for 20+ Years and takes great pride in the reputation we have built for ourselves.

We offer:

• Bulldozing,
• Concrete coring,
• Excavating,
• Land Leveling,
• Septic Tank Installations,
• Snow Removal Services,
• Trucking, Concrete Breaking,
• Concrete Sawing,
• Land Clearing,
• Sand and Gravel,
• Sewer Contractors,
• Topsoil and Fill Soil

Ferg’s Power Digging can do it all. You can trust our experienced contractors to get the job done correctly the first time, in a timely and cost-effective manner.


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